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Hartung Solutions
Armada, MI
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Job Status: Open
No of Vacancies: 10
Date Posted: March 13, 2017
Expiry Date: March 13, 2017
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Mid level
Years of Experience: 3
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Salary Type: Negotiable
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Diesel Mechanic - level 4

Aberdeen, MD | Annapolis Junction, MD |Armada, MI |Baltimore, MD |Binghamton, NY |Glen Burnie, MD |Hilo, HI |Jessup, MD |Landover, MD |Newington, VA |Tonawanda, NY | Winchester, VA

This position performs major and technically difficult diagnostics, repairs, and overhauls/rebuilds in a timely manner; ensuring quality, time standards, customer expectations, cost guidelines and reliability goals are met. The T4 works on assignments requiring considerable judgment and mentor other technicians on a regular basis.

TheTechnician IV provides the highest level of experience and expertise in vehicle diagnostics and repair. The position also plays a key role in the leadership, development and training of other grade technicians. The T4 may specialize in areas such as: refrigeration, electronics, exhaust systems, etc., and should possess a combination of extensive vehicle transportation experience, ASE certifications, and/or multiple Qualifications.

Post-secondary vocational education strongly preferred

Must have minimum tool requirement

Must have a valid driver's license

Valid CDL (license A) is highly desired; mandatory in some locations

Must possess state license as required

Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with mechanical repairs and diagnostics on heavy duty and medium duty equipment.


Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience with mechanical repairs and diagnostics on heavy duty and medium duty equipment

Knowledge of and the ability to apply knowledge of computer skills: PC, Windows, mouse, etc.

This position requires for you to drive vehicles.

Must be able to obtain CDL within 6 months after hire

Pass a Drug Test

Pass a DOT physical

Pass a road test

Pass a Background and Motor vehicle check including Drug and alcohol verification from previous employers for the last 3 years

Important Note: Additional requirements may be required in different locations and/or accounts.

Performs vehicle maintenance and repair duties including:

Performs standard vehicle maintenance

Performs preventive maintenance

Diagnoses complex mechanical and electronic problems utilizing diagnostic computer when applicable

Completes complex and detailed mechanical inspections & repairs with minimal supervision

Replaces defective components as instructed

Works unsupervised on most tasks

Performs facility maintenance duties

Interacts with customers/drivers to properly determine nature of complaint once assigned a task.

Utilizes key functions of Shop Management System and electronic documentation available.

Works in accordance with all federal/ provincial and corporate compliance guidelines (i.e., safety, DOT, MOT).

Acts as mentor for Tech 1 and Tech 2 levels.

Demonstrate the ability to access and use internal and external maintenance documents.

Other support duties as required to support operations. These could include but are not limited to Service Island support

SBTIII trained within 180 days (SBT220)

Complete 2 of the OEM On-Line diagnostic scan tool software courses as required by location fleet mi. (predominant OEM of fleet mix completed within 365days)

Skill Area: Tire and Wheel Maintenance: Tire & Wheel safety trained within 90 days (TW220)

Repair and replace tire and wheel assemblies

Perform nail hole repairs

Verify, diagnose and repair tire related ride quality complaints

Skill Area: Preventive Maintenance: PM trained and qualified within 90 days (PM230&PM298)

Mentor T1 & T2s in complete and efficient PMs

Conduct Quality Inspections on PMs

Skill Area: Brakes-Air: Brake Air trained and qualified within 90 days (BA220&BA298)

Measure lining thickness

Adjust Brakes

Perform air brake sections of P.M.

Perform brake overhaul

Measure drums, rotors, cam bushings

Replace S cams, and bushings, slack adjusters and shims

Replace foot and relay valves, air dryers, air tanks, air lines, and other similar components

Must meet federal qualifications of brake mechanic and inspectors (FMCS 396.25)

Skill Area: Brakes-Hydraulic Brake Hydraulic trained and qualified within 90 days (BH220&BH298)* where appropriate

Measure lining thickness

Adjust service brakes

Adjust park brakes

Repair or replace minor parts such as lines

Bleed brake systems

Perform brake shoe replacement

Measure rotors and drums

Inspects and replace wheel cylinders, master cylinders and boosters

Must meet federal qualifications of brake mechanic and inspectors (FMCS 396.25)

Skill Area: A/C, Heater & Refrigeration: A/C recycling and recovery certified within 90 days (CF609) & A/C trained and qualified within 180 days (AC220&AC298)

Perform basic system checks such as power to compressor, condenser obstructions, belt tension, etc.

Identify refrigerant and oil leaks

Operate charging and recovery equipment

Attach manifold gauges

Charge the system according to manufacturer's specification

Meet Federal Refrigeration/AC qualifications

Flush system contaminants

Run OEM performance tests and verify performance

Utilize electrical schematics and Diagnostic procedures to identify correct related problems

Diagnose and repair all systems and related problems

Skill Area: Cargo Handling/Transfer, Liftgates

Identify make and mode

Add fluid to bring to proper level

Make adjustments to lift platform and its controls

Identify basic malfunctions

Diagnose most mechanical and electrical problems

Replace rail cables or cylinders

Repair and replace motor and cylinder

Skill Area: Charging Systems (electrical) : HD electrical trained within 90 days (DR208)

Perform charging system diagnostics and repairs

Skill Area: Cranking system (electrical)

Inspect and test batteries

Visually inspect cables and cranking motor

Clean the battery cables, connections and starter

Replace batteries

Charge & Check batteries

Replace or repair defective cables

Diagnose and repair cranking system, including replacement of components

Skill Area: Lighting System and Electrical Accessories

Diagnose, isolate, and repair lighting system problems, such as shorted and open circuits

Skill Area: Clutch:

Identify proper clutch operation

Identify proper clutch brake operation and adjust

Adjust hydraulic or mechanical clutches

Remove and replace clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, flywheel, clutch brake, etc.

Skill Area: Cooling Systems

Flush and refill systems

Diagnose overheating problems

Rebuild fan hubs, idlers, and replace fan clutches

Diagnose and repair all cooling system components

Skill Area: Drive Axles

Inspect housings for leaks

Change oil and filter, if required, and clean breathers

Diagnose and repair or replace rear axle assemblies

Skill Area: Drive line:

Perform diagnostics and repairs as required

Skill Area: Diesel & Gas Engines- all engines

Identify unusual noises, and oil leaks

Diagnose, overhaul, replace all assemblies and components with guidance from T4 or Shop


Skill Area: Fuel Systems:

Diagnose and repair gasoline and diesel fuel system components

Skill Area: Steering and Non driven Axles and Alignment

Perform alignment procedures and adjust as necessary

Diagnose and repair all steering components for wear and/or damage

Check and adjust trailer axle alignment

Adjust wheel bearings

Skill Area: Suspension-Chassis and Cab:

Diagnose and repair air leaks

Diagnose and repair suspension and chassis components

Skill Area: Vehicle Coupling System (PM)

Repair and/or replace 5th wheels

Diagnose and repair vehicle coupling components for wear and/or damage