Three things every entry-level candidate needs to know.

Three things every entry-level candidate needs to know For entry-level candidates, it is often difficult interviewing and getting to know […]

MEMES GONE BAD: Kankakee County Sheriff’s MEME Unprofessional?

On March 8th 2017, the Kankakee County’s Sheriff’s Office posted a meme on their Facebook page. As you can see […]

The Trolley Problem and Business Decisions

In philosophy, there is a famous thought experiment in ethics called the Trolley Problem.  Philippa Foot first introduced the problem […]

10 Great Sites to Learn Something New

So, as far as lists posts go, this is a personal list of places I frequent to be inspired or […]

Bill Gates: Robots that Steal Human Jobs Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates, in an interview with Quartz, was quoted saying that Robots that take human jobs should pay taxes.  However, […]