Bill Gates: Robots that Steal Human Jobs Should Pay Taxes

Bill Gates, in an interview with Quartz, was quoted saying that Robots that take human jobs should pay taxes.  However, […]

Business Culture and Accountability

Today, HR managers and consultants talk about business culture and creating better corporate cultures.  This talk often begs the question, […]

3 Tips to Avoid the Resume Desert

You have been hitting the pavement, knocking on digital doors, and posting your resume all over the net to find […]

Working with Recruiters

When you are looking or a new job or to start a career recruiters are able to help in your […]

Knocking on Digital Doors

Technology today grants us extraordinary potential to connect and communicate with anyone and everyone. However, despite this overwhelming connectivity – […]

Fire Your Bad Boss

People don’t leave jobs they leave bosses Most people don’t leave jobs; because the job is too difficult, too boring, […]

Yoshida’s 10 rules of the Demon (鬼十訓)

In 1947, Hideo Yoshida became the 4th president of Dentsu (an international advertising and public relations company located in Tokyo). […]

Training Ground Series – Enter the Arena

“The Only Kind Of Learning Which Significantly Influences Behavior Is Self-Discovered Or Self-Appropriated Learning – Truth That Has Been Assimilated […]

The Training Ground – How I trained to be frugal

Welcome to our first step into the Training Ground – the Financial Crisis. I wanted to start with this because […]

The Mountain

Climb, find your way. Scale high, don’t look back With hope you will find the life you seek Making the […]