Ways To Build an Outstanding Online Presence That Gets Interviews


In today’s job market, it is imperative to have an outstanding online presence, but where do you begin and how to you get noticed to for interviews and new opportunities?  Most savvy human resource managers and hiring manager run a quick search online to check a candidate’s background.  Their first stop is usually LinkedIn and secondly on Facebook.  These two sites are the best places to start.


If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, get one.  LinkedIn is the leading online professional social network.  After creating an online profile, you will have to fill in your details.  As the saying goes “the devil is in the details” when it comes to LinkedIn (Marr, 2015)

.  What differentiates a good profile from a great profile are the depth of details beyond your work history.  Include a great bio, something that showcases your personality and breadth of knowledge and experience.  Write your bio as if you are answering personal questions about yourself at an interview.  Think of the key questions someone would ask you in an interview and add information that best outlines your career goals and personality.  Keep a conversational style bio and let your personality show through.

Add, additional accomplishments or samples of work, you can add video and slideshows to your profile.  Adding media is a chance to really shine.  You can add a brief video of yourself briefly outlining your experience and things you care about.  Also, add a professional photo of yourself.  Profiles with photos and media added get more views and ultimately more calls for interviews.   Writing articles on LinkedIn Pulse will also help you get noticed. It is just another way you can build your personal brand online (and it will help with building connections on LinkedIn). Keep everything on LinkedIn professional and geared to your career goals.  With the addition of media and all your details in order it helps you stand out from the crowd.  And, don’t forget to add links to other sites or personal webpages.


Facebook can be a great tool for getting interviews, but you might need to clean up your profile a bit (Schawbel, 2012).  Anytime you share something on Facebook assume it is publicly assessable.  Facebook isn’t a private conversation, so keeping it as clean as possible.  Treat Facebook as a public forum where what you write or post is a conversation at a restaurant where it is read and heard by people not necessarily involved in the conversation.  Like LinkedIn have a great photo as your profile pic, it doesn’t have to be overly professional, but it shouldn’t be overly casual.  Add details to your profile, where you work, education back ground and include links to other sites you are on as well.  Control what you post, but showcase your personality and interests.

Create a Personal Website

Having a personal website is probably something most people pass over as an option for building an online presence.  Most people think it will take too much time or it is too difficult, however it is simple these days.  Having a personal, yet professional website, is a great way to showcase your skills and sell yourself to hiring managers.  You can add your personal projects, your resume, and videos.  Having your own domain “yourname.com” and an e-mail address “yourname@yourname.com” will also help with getting interviews by demonstrating you have a firm grasp of how to market yourself and control over your personal brand.  By building up your online presence with LinkedIn, Facebook and your own website you should be able to better sell yourself online and increase the amount of interviews you will go on.


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