On March 8th 2017, the Kankakee County’s Sheriff’s Office posted a meme on their Facebook page. As you can see it depicts President Obama peeping on President Trump. Although a funny photo this was released by a governmental agency that oversees in protecting and serving everyone in all walks of life.

Regardless whether you are republican or democrat, government agencies in charge of protecting people are not political platforms and should refrain from posting unprofessional political memes, or rather shouldn’t post memes period.  A County Sheriff’s office should be professional, ethical and make pragmatic decisions that protect and serves everyone in their county. Social media networks for government agencies are public and official statements. The Sheriff’s office should know better than to post something politically charged on their network.

Since, Sheriff offices are government agencies and not comedy shows, although this is becoming a comedy skit, they shouldn’t post things that likely would upset people.  The meme itself isn’t all that bad or anything in of itself, but the context in which it was posted is bad.  Context matters in this case.  If it was on Aunt Sally’s page, most people would chuckle and move on.

On the other side of the coin, that post reached out further because it was politically charged. The message could reach more people than it otherwise would, but it could also send a completely different message.  If you can’t control your brand or message your message will control you. I wonder, what your takes on the meme. Here are a few questions I think warrants discussion:

  • Does it express professionalism?
  • Does it get the message out there?
  • Is it a message a government agency should send?
  • If you were the County Sheriff would you use this as a message?
  • Was it an innocent message?

If you have other questions please feel free to share them.

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