Ever wonder what it would be like to have zero lack of confidence in an interview? How is it that some people can steady their nerves, sit face to face with potential future employers; the people who hold your very future livelihood in their hands, and have no trouble building rapport, talking themselves up and even negotiating salaries?

For a lot of us, the very idea makes our palms sweat. So what’s the secret? I’ll first tell you about the easiest interview I had.

I was working for a job in a hostile environment and decided it was time to update the old resume. One application later I was on the phone with my future boss for a phone interview. Since I already had a job, I wasn’t betting everything on this one. Even though I was really hoping to get out of a bad situation, in the end it didn’t really matter if I got the job or not. Because of this I was able to speak to my interviewer point-blank, with no reserve or worry about the outcome. I had nothing to prove: take it or leave it – this is me, this is what I’ve done, this is what I can bring you. If you don’t like it – great, thanks for your time and good luck with the search. You do like it? Great – now when do I start?

Of course, it’s easier to have this mindset when you don’t need to worry much about the outcome. If I was unemployed and clinging to this potential job as a last thread of hope, of course it would have had a different weight. But it’s important to know your accomplishments, what you can bring to the table, and ultimately believe in yourself to help cultivate this idea.

Think about how you might talk about the job or the upcoming interview with your friends. How would that conversation sound differently from talking about it in a panel interview with three hiring managers? You’d be more comfortable, and less reserved about how you showcase yourself. Granted, you’d probably be less reserved on the word choice but I think you get the idea.

Practice interview techniques to strengthen your conversation skills and business etiquette. Use interview techniques to allow interviewers to quickly and accurately see what you have to offer, and on the flipside learn how to better screen employers to find out the most about the job and make a satisfying decision. You should NEVER use this to over-exaggerate or lie.

When you have nothing to prove, you naturally become a beacon of confidence. You allow yourself to embrace your experience, good or bad, and move forward into the life you deserve with your head held high.

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