So, as far as lists posts go, this is a personal list of places I frequent to be inspired or further my personal and professional development.  Although, some of you could look at the list and ask “Why”, I would say “Why Not”?  So, here is the list!

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is basically what it says.  An extensive resource on various topics in philosophy.  It has updated articles and in-depth information about philosophical ideas and subjects.  Here is a mini-list of links to my favorite articles.

Relative Identity


An article written by one of my undergrad philosophy professors, Harry Deutsch, on identity over time.  For the novice or someone not familiar with logic and mathematics, this article could be a bit difficult to understand.

Reliabilist Epistemology


An article on Reliabilism and epistemology in general.  Epistemology is the study of knowledge and a subject I studied as an undergrad.  The article is co-written by Alvin Goldman and Bob Beddor.  Alvin Goldman is the grandfather of Reliabilism, and for me it is the only workable system for a theory of knowledge, although possibly incomplete.

Social Epistemology


Another article on epistemology written by Alvin Goldman and Thomas Blanchard.  This article might provide some insights into our current issues with fake news and knowing.



A great resource to learning how to code various web and embedded objects.  A good place to start if you don’t know any coding and want to learn some.  It is a free program and under the Obama Administration in the white house, it meet with disadvantaged students to teach students on a one-to-one basis.  A great resource for to learn something new.

            Live Science


Live science is a great website filled with science stories.  It is a great place to learn about what is going on in science that sometimes gets lost on mainstream news sites like CNN, NBC and Fox.   The stories are short and note super in-depth, but it helps inform you on some basic ideas and happenings in science.

            The School of Life


The School of life might be a full fledge site, but I basically listen and watch there youtube channel.  Great short videos on a myriad of topics, from philosophy to how to flirt.  Great channel and quick short and entertaining videos worth 10 minutes a day.

            Blog Maverick


Although the site doesn’t update much and Mark Cuban doesn’t write much it is still a place to get a feeling on how a Billionaire thinks and cares about.  In general, you could learn a thing or two about the internet, investing, and his general rants.


            Warren Buffett


Warren Buffett is a person that doesn’t need an introduction, but here is one anyway.  Warren is one of the many self-made billionaires of our time.  His first “business” was selling bubble gum and newspapers then moving on to by a pin ball machine to collect coins.  His site, might be a place we all can learn a thing or two.

            Kai Wong


While Kai Wong isn’t terribly well known as some of the others listed above I really want to create a shout out to one of the funniest and entertaining reviewers of camera gear on the planet.  Kai lives in Hong Kong and reviews all sort of camera gear and goes on “missions” with the gear, sometimes destroying them.  Very entertaining.  He also is featured on Digitalrev I’ve been watching him for nearly 8 years or so now.



Coursea is website providing online courses from Top universities throughout the world.  Courses are offered via, University of Michigan, John Hopkins, Rutgers, Penn State, Yale, and other top Universities.  They offer free courses and certification track courses.  I have a feeling it could move into being a full fledge university at some point in the future.  One degree is offered so far via, the University of Illinois in Champaign- Urbana in business.  It could be a great place to learn and potentially earn another degree.

However, keep in mind this is a for-profit model of education and you should do your research on whether this is for you.  Yet, if you want to audit a class and learn a new skill after already earning a degree.  This could be a fantastic place to continue your personal education and self-development.




Udacity is another website to learn various skills and many of their programs are free.  You can also earn certifications and the like.  Again, I would consider these programs more continuing education type of sources, you should do your research on whether it is for you or not.  But, it is a cool place to learn python and java.



I’m listing Snopes here to assist in making decisions on whether the news you see on facebook and other memes are fake or not.  It is often difficult for some people to decide whether something is fake news, Snopes is a good place to help check and to make the determination.  But, after you have read the article on social epistemology you will come to realize you ought to check the reliability of the agents and their sources.


If you have other sites or places you like to visit, please provide comments below.




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