You have been hitting the pavement, knocking on digital doors, and posting your resume all over the net to find that next great adventure a fantastic company, but you aren’t getting the call backs or e-mails. You may wonder; is it the look of your resume, are they actually hiring, am I a good fit or not? Your resume might have landed squarely in the digital desert. Here are some simple solutions that might help you increase the likely hood for call backs.

  • Is your resume formatted in a way that is searchable?

Resumes in word or doc files are easily searchable by computers, you resume could be lost if it isn’t searchable.  Also, save it with keywords other than “resume.doc” or something similar.  Use your first and last name to save the doc for example “John Public” or “John Public Mechanical Engineer”.  It will help people track and find your resume faster and it is searchable for call backs and e-mails.  Nothing is more annoying than looking for a resume on one’s computer or database and have 4.2 x10ⁱ number of resumes named resume.

  • Does your e-mail address say professional or amateur?

You e-mail should be formatted in a professional manner, avoid e-mails like or other more risqué type e-mail names.  The best format are either of the following; or .  There are multiple places that offer free e-mail services you should be able to find on that will allow your e-mail address to look professional. So drop e-mails like and look professional.

  • Are your profiles filled in to the fullest?

Did you skip over some experience or skills that you had when creating your LinkedIn profile, career site, or job portal?  Fill in all relevant parts and update when you can.  Leave no stone untouched, when looking and applying either do it 100% or don’t bother.  If you only do 50% and looking for a position with a company, they will have noticed you did the bare minimum.  Are you a bare minimum type employee? Do it right the first time or don’t do it at all, you would be wasting both your and their time if you only do a half-$@$ job.

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