“The Only Kind Of Learning Which Significantly Influences Behavior Is Self-Discovered Or Self-Appropriated Learning – Truth That Has Been Assimilated In Experience.” – Carl Rogers

As they say in business – “No matter what you do, everything you do is sales. Learn how to sell.” To add to that, “No matter what happens, everything is a lesson. Learn that lesson.”

Life has a funny way of granting opportunities, and it’s ultimately our perception or frame of mind that dictates just what that opportunity may be, or what we can extract from it. Entrepreneurs are people that are known for seeing opportunities in just about anything – but even the most successful people cannot predict everything 100%, and even the richest can fall into a slump of depression and feel unfulfilled.

This is the introduction to an ongoing series we will have on Job market Punch that will help you to set your stage for different types of life events. This requires a certain mindset which I deem “The Training Ground.” This can be a special, secret spot within you that takes anything that may happen throughout life – be it success or hardship – and turn it into a Dojo. By viewing things in this manner, you can capitalize on your time and willpower by allowing life to create environments for you in which you can test and gain new skills and experience.

It is especially important to have this mindset during times of hardship – in your most vulnerable moments. It’s tough to have clarity during hard times and if you can see all moments as gifts of training – you will be able to learn more and grow stronger with anything. When falling into darkness, build the walls of the Training Ground and take your stance. Bow to your Sensei.

This will help to build a higher level of resilience and does require some grounding and the ability to step back and examine the situation mindfully, and we will tackle these specifically in additional posts in this and other series to come.

We will be visiting things like how to use financial hardships to teach you how to budget and save more effectively, how to weigh through tough decisions, and even how to handle a break-up and make it transform you into an even stronger (and more attractive) person.
A key starting point is to take responsibility for your life. It can be tough, but taking the blame for tough times is a freeing notion and will allow you to take the situation into your own hands and fix it – all the while sapping it for everything its worth. In such times, you must let your anger of the moment fuel you to take the marrow from the bone and nourish. Learn everything from that moment and become the Phoenix out of the ashes of your former self.

It’s time to Enter the Arena:
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