Climb, find your way. Scale high, don’t look back
With hope you will find the life you seek
Making the decision to better yourself and start progressing in your life and career can be a severely daunting task. When standing at the base of the mountain of your dreams – a multitude of thoughts can be racing through your mind – “Where do I start? That’s a long way up. I’m not prepared…” And the most overlooked of all – “What happens if I make it to the top?”
A lot of people, gazing wide-mouthed at this gigantic creature of Atlas, filled with limiting beliefs, self-doubt fueled by ill-preparedness, and fear, will settle near the base where it’s comfortable, warm, and still have electricity and cell signal to keep up with Netflix shows and Pinterest.
While this is just fine for certain people, as Punchers – this is not enough. And unfortunately, your Mountain is only as tall as you make it, which means our mountains are ****ing huge. So it is now that we embark on our journey and begin to Scale the Summit. There are a few things to consider before beginning the climb.
You will never be fully prepared.
No matter how many books you read about economics, how many sales seminars you participate in, how many credits you take in school or who your Dad is – you will never be fully prepared for the woes of the Mountain. Of course, knowledge and research is extremely important, but you cannot fall into paralysis by analysis. When you start to see the mountain and are standing at the base – start climbing.
Climbing Gear is Important – and Expensive.
While you won’t likely need actual climbing gear (unless your dream is literally to climb a mountain), we use this figuratively as resources and guidance to make it to the top. Climbing a mountain takes some serious investment and professional climbers often need sponsors in order to afford the gear that is actually needed for a successful climb. We use sponsors in the form of friends, family and peers – while it is great to say you made it on your own – you should always use your personal and professional networks to help leverage you. This is also where great partnerships and business relationships can be made where people and companies can help each other reach the top. It is a necessary resource and by all means it should not go overlooked.
The Mountain will destroy you
Do not expect a steady incline. You’ll have challenges – pitfalls – You’ll run into avalanches and obstacles unforeseen. You won’t reach your revenue goals, you’ll have production failures, missed negotiations, lost customers, mistakes that cause fines – you’re going to get you’re a** kicked. However, you must stay resilient and be grateful for the wisdom of the Mountain.
Keep your sights at the summit and let it guide you
Taken from an article by Ian Overton who challenged Nanga Parbat in winter:
“…that night, lying there in the snow, feeling like my eyes were going to freeze shut whenever I blinked, I watched the moon skirt the rim of the mountains surrounding us — teasing us, almost — as the Milky Way ever so slowly spun overhead, brighter than I’d ever seen it in my life.”
When you have a clear vision, you’re granted what can surmount to super-human strength. You’ll hurt a little less, you’ll feel a little warmer, you’ll be able to climb a little higher, and brave stronger winds than normal. The power of a dream undeterred is an unbeatable force defeating an immovable object. And amidst the pain, animosity and chaos, you will be able to experience glimpses of true beauty.
So – What if I make it?
One aspect that is usually overlooked by people who set off on the climb is the onset of attained success. This can be one of the greatest challenges and people who make it to the top often release their steadfast hold and fall steeply back to base. Success can be its own downfall and must be carefully examined. Fearing your own success – while it can be another obstacle to keep you from running head-on into the fray, can be beneficial to keep your head out of the clouds. No matter how successful you become, you must always stay true to your vision and remember the reason why you set off on the climb in the first place.
This article was inspired by The Mountain, a concept album by London based progressive rock band Haken. To help illustrate this article’s message, here’s a lyrical theme from the album:
“Life is a dream; a gift we receive. To live and to love – we forge the path
Our nightmare in birth, our struggle for worth. In vain – we carry on our mission to become
Adapt to this world. It’s a chance we must take. We’ll sing our song. We’ll play our hand”
Let us know what your Mountain is and how you started your climb in the comments.

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