Technology today grants us extraordinary potential to connect and communicate with anyone and everyone. However, despite this overwhelming connectivity – the majority of people nowadays hide behind this digital veil and avoid direct contact unless absolutely necessary. While it’s a bleak vision of our current modern culture, it can be a chance to make yourself stand out.

You may not be able to knock on doors quite like the old days, but there are plenty of digital doors for you to knock on.

Finding which door to knock on

Most of your effort will be finding exactly which door to knock on. Do your research – Check Job Postings for clues on which person or department may be doing the hiring. Check the company website as a lot of business have profiles for individual team members in specific departments. Narrow down to a name instead of a general department contact like as this can be a black hole where your email will either collect dust or get sent on a swift trip to the deleted items folder.

Calling vs email

Identify which avenues might work best for the type of position/person you are targeting. Managers who are responsible for any kind of sales or marketing would most likely prefer a phone call. Since being on the phone is a big part of the job anyway, this is a clear and direct approach to show that you aren’t afraid to call important people directly, and show off your skills in selling the most important thing of all – yourself.
You have 30 seconds

HR/Hiring managers are often times hard to reach as many people are competing for their time to be heard and considered for positions. So – it’s up to you to make your email or phone call stand out. Crafting eye catching and engaging emails is an art itself, but with a little practice you can get something pretty solid. Keep it brief and keep your eye on the ball – you’re not trying to get hired in one email. The ultimate goal is to get more time with that person – get them to want to connect with you. Get that response email and time on the phone and convert that into an interview.

What to say on the call

Again – keep this brief! Tell them how you found their name/number and why you’re calling. Tell them you saw the job post and had some additional questions about the position. Let them know how you’re a good fit and be honest with what you want. If you’re able to meet with them or schedule an additional call, great! Even if it doesn’t work with them, if they like you enough, they’ll probably give you the contact info for somebody else who may help you.

Disclaimer – don’t be a pest

While reaching out directly to hiring managers can be beneficial, it’s important to not overdo it. Calling 30 seconds after a job is posted isn’t exactly idea, and calling every day or multiple times a day will quickly put you into the pest category. Be patient – if you send an email or leave a message, give them time to get back to you. Following up every 3 to 5 days is ideal, but be able to take a hint if you’re not getting any results at a specific company. Know when to move on.

Other doors to knock on

Remember to use multiple opportunity streams when you look for Jobs. Participate in Event Networking and get your name out there. Pursue your interests – join sports clubs or find a band – by simply living your life and getting yourself out there you will come in contact with people with similar interests – who might just be that sales manager looking for a new recruit.

Knocking on actual doors

“Back in the day,” there were no internet job boards or emails or company websites. You would polish up your resume, put on your best suit, and hit the streets doing some good old fashioned door knockin’. The times have changed drastically and nowadays, nobody knocks on (actual) doors, it seems.
A lot of offices now are closed off from the outside world with extra tight security – employees need their own personal badge or a special key code to enter. Try knocking on that door and see how long before you’re politely escorted off of the premises. However, it’s a rarity these days so some companies may take it as a pleasant surprise.
Call to Action

Don’t believe this will work in today’s cyber-age? Try it! Let us know in the comments what you’ve found – success and failures alike. Leave some advice for our other readers.

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